The projects you find here are diverse, yet they all are my ways to contribute toward a world where creativity is nurtured and supported, and education is good for the body, mind, and spirit.
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Holistic Educator

Teachers can do subtle things to activate transformations within a student. When aspects of "whole person" development are understood and applied- the teacher becomes the alchemist, or what I like to call a "faciliteacher" . A 15 year veteran teacher, I am the creator of The Art and Science of Wellbeing course and author of A Practical Workbook for Social Emotional Intelligence. Wearing my Holistic Educator hat, I use my visionary skills to shift the paradigm of education towards a more student centered one where self care is normalized in schools, and creativity is nurtured for the genius that it is. 

I have also created The "Ajournal",the right brain answer to the bujo. Get organized and make Planz! A ten month planner for teachers and students. 

  • Eco/Social Responsibly sourced products
  • perfect for hospitality, travel, restaurants: no mess!
  • celebrations
  • team building

Home of the pARTy Box!

The no-mess portable paint pARTy.


As an Intuitive Art Guide, I help individuals and groups use art to spark their imagination, and as a way to connect with and program their subconscious.

  • Imagination Activation

  • Art as Oracle

  • Undo Learned Shame of Self-expression

  • Medititative Art Experiences

  • Retreats/Events