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Thanks for checking out my work! Your support is appreciated. 

Spelling Love

A compilation of poems, stories, and artworks created from my heART over the years. These musings are directed toward the stewards and spirit of the new earth that is possible now, and the paradigms where 100% of life thrives in health and happiness

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Emotional Intelligence is the most crucial education we can offer today. Finally, a basic guide to cut out needless drama and create the best life! This simple guide is interactive, grounded in science, and inspired by The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. Readers will discover the anatomy of stress, learn proactive ways to take control of their physiology, and gain valuable personal insight behind their own habitual behaviors and patterns. In 45 pages designed for a short attention span/busy life, readers will learn about the nervous system, core beliefs, and a handful of practices to rewire their neural networks. The tools revealed in this book are both cutting edge and timeless, and will empower anyone who does the work to completely transform their life for the highest good. Great for individuals or groups to practice together.

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Original artwork on the cover is a series of pencil drawings of sacred heart amulets by artist and author Selena Jane Wilson. The inside pages are designed with a vintage romantic feel, perfect for recording the musings of our hearts.

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